Sunday, September 28, 2008


Analia got a table from the Wongs for her birthday. It has cogs, that spin and some lego like blocks for the back. On the front it has a phone and a door with a key to lock things in--she hasn't figured that one out yet! It also has a spinner in which you can set some shape blocks. On this night she was particularly slap happy. She was laughing so hard she was crying. We just had to catch it on film!
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Bangles

We had several guests from India on Wednesday night. They were kind enough to cook for us and we got to catch up on what had been happening here and in India. We had a pretty good time. We also had people stopping in that we didn't even know, but we made some good contacts that way! They gave Analia an Indian outfit which is still too big and some bangles that match. I love these things because they keep her busy for quite a while. She wants them on and off. She puts them in boxes and baskets. She rolls them and likes to hear them click when she crawls around. We'll have to invest in another set as she grows. They're made to just slip over your hand--you wouldn't believe how tiny they are! Best of all they're sparkly which she really likes. A perfect gift!

Birthday Party with the Wongs

On Saturday we went to the Wong's house for a party. When they arrived we had an afternoon snack of yam cakes and other Chinese pastries along with some Masala tea (it tastes like gingerbread). Then the dads took the kids swimming. For a long time Joshua and Analia would play alongside one another and ignore each other completely, BUT now they are starting to socialize a little! They had fun in the pool. Then we went inside and got cleaned up and had dinner which consisted of rice, chicken, beef, vegetables, and other things. Then we had dessert. They had gotten a mango cake, strawberries, fresh dates, grapes, and pears. They were very generous with gifts too. We're sure thankful for their kind hospitality and the fun times we always have at their house

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Box

Although we haven't opened any of the presents yet we've sure had fun with the box. She likes to put her stuff in it and then take it out. Analia loves to sit in it and be pulled around. Opening and closing the flaps is a big hit too! She will spend over 1/2 hour playing with this thing. It's held up well even with all the pushing and pulling. All in all the box gets a 10 out of 10! We should market this!

Looking Cute!

Since we have so many dresses to choose from in this size range, Analia wears them quite often. This one was for church. We put some gel in her hair to make it curlier and help the clips stay in. Everyone said she looked like a doll! She's a pretty big doll if you ask me!

Visitors in the Night

The other night Analia was standing at the gate. She got very excited and we heard some giggling. Some of the children that are usually running around the hallways stopped to see Analia. As these kids could give us the chance to meet their parents--plus they're cute, we opened the gate and let them play with and hold Analia. She of course loved it. One of the girls had on a beaded necklace and binoculars. These were big hits. We're glad they stopped by!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Looks of Analia

Analia is expressing more and more of her true personality. When she talks (or yells) and really wants you to listen she holds up her pointer finger and shakes it at you. She is very expressive especially when compared to Asian children who are often straight faced. (Why? I don't know, but they are very good at not letting you know what is going on in their brain!) She also has developed a very serious look to get her way. Matt is getting her to do it in these pictures. It makes me laugh every time--she really thinks she is getting her way with this serious face! Finally, she has learned to keep her sun glasses on for more than two seconds. I think she thinks she looks really good in them. She likes to see herself in the mirror with them on. Sorry the pictures are sideways--I had fixed them, but they still came through this way!