Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lower, but Headed UP!

Well, we've had another interesting week.  China has been having some pretty serious emotional problems.  As they have gotten worse, I decided on Thursday to take him to the crisis center.  He was admitted (after waiting 8 hours--but that's another story!!)  We have visited him twice.  He says he is sleeping better with the medication AND  that he wants to come home--which I see as very encouraging.

Continue to pray with us that these two kids will allow us (and others) in at a deeper level so that they can get the help they need.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Early Members Day at the Children's Museum

We are so lucky to live about ten minutes away from one of the best children's museums (I've been to plenty around the world and this one really is amazing!!)

 We actually got to the fourth floor in time to snag two of the rock climbing slots.  Ana did the beginner and intermediate walls.  Although she had climbed the 40 ft. wall in the summer, this was different because you have to find your own hand and foot holds.  She even coaxed a girl down that was stuck at the top.

 China did the intermediate wall and tried the advanced but could not make it to the top.

We did a science lab and extracted wheat DNA.  Very cool!
Next, we went to China and participated in the shadow puppet show.

 Ana was a villager.  She got to do a little dance.

 China was the evil lion.  
I was the noise maker!  Of course, this was a faction of the noise of a real Chinese show!

If you are ever in Indy check out The Children's Museum, it's well worth it.  


we hit the slopes!  (sorry the video is sideways!) Ana had a deep desire to use the sled that we bought two months ago on Black Friday.  We tried the small hill today--hopefully tomorrow we brave the "Big" one!
 (Ana's school is the building at the top of the hill.)

I rode with her a couple of times which she thought was great fun.  Once, when we were walking up the hill I stepped on the sled and fell down.  That was another highlight in her book.  If it wasn't so cold, we would have stayed longer--maybe tomorrow!