Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thanks Wong Family!

The Wong family gathered up some Asian supplies along with some handmade treats and sent them to us.  We enjoyed some chicken rice today (Ana had seconds!)  Thanks for your continued thoughtfulness!  We miss you.

Shepherd Article...

There was a great article in the Indianapolis paper today.  Please click HERE to read it.  Shepherd has been facing a lot of challenges lately, but I like to see that we continue to move forward!  It is encouraging too that so many churches in the suburbs are beginning to back what is going on in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ana's Artwork

 These are just a few of the best (in my opinion) of what Ana brought home.  I think they're pretty amazing for a first grader!

 The pictures with writing are from their journal.  They studied the seven continents and animals from each continent. 

 I think I'll frame this one and the swan!

What I love about the Oaks is that everything is well done.  The paintings are done on very nice paper that will be easy to keep And her journal is well bound.  She might run out of shelf space in her room before she leaves the Oaks!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lake Lasalle

One of these days I'm going to go out and clean out the drain in front of our house to avoid the "lake effect" after a big storm.  The neighbors go out and play in it and come out a muddy mess!  When it rains hard all the cars parked on the street frantically get moved.  Thus far nobody has got stuck or stalled their car.

Phone Fun!

I'm still enjoying playing with the photo editing on my phone.  I'm getting better at it.  The nice thing is that you can do it while you're waiting on kids or standing in line!

A Rainy Day's Fun

One rainy day Ana asked for something fun to do.  I went and pulled out my wedding dress (that my mother in law had kept for me while we were away).  Ana happily tried it on and posed for pictures.  She says that she wants to wear it at her wedding--we'll see in another 20 years :)

The Oaks' Spring Fling

 The Spring Fling consists of a parade to show off your costume.  They are supposed to be a person or animal from a country you studied during the year.

 After seeing the costumes you go back to the room and do some recitations together.

 Ana won an award for her Chinese Dragon in art.

 I'm not sure how Chinese it looks, but I suppose it is creative!

Ana chose to wear her Indian costume.  We borrowed some bracelets from Shepherd and painted a henna design on her hand.  She was very pleased with how she looked.