Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why NOT to give your child your phone...

You might open it up and see something like this!

Still Going...

As we predicted there have been multiple problems with just about every pipe in our bathroom.

Today they finished up pipes below the toilet and fixed the joists that they had to cut out. Now our toilet won't fall through the kitchen ceiling....a good thing!

Everything is grouted and the dry wall experts have come in and finished the walls. We had a sink which Matt sent back because it was too big. Unfortunately, they are out of stock of the smaller now we're waiting...

The guys working on the house are neat bunch of guys that live around here and very involved in the neighborhood. We're blessed to be working with them!

Monday, January 15, 2018


 Brookside Hill is a very popular place to go sledding. It's a pretty major hill that has a steep incline. You get a workout just trying to get up it. We were the only ones there this morning...The early bird gets the worm!!
 I definitely enjoyed the tube makes the sharp angle at the bottom less painful :)

There is a definite thrill going down this hill. Here's two different views. (I didn't wipe out...There's just a lot of flying snow!!)

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Ranger is still doing well. He's definitely getting used to us and our routines. His greatest love is lettuce. He could eat a pound of it in about a minute. He also likes belly rubs and is getting much better at coming when called.

Kids Are Weird!

Ana is still finger knitting. She has around 300 feet which she has formed into this "octopus" which she mounted on a pole. Currently, she is torturing Mitike with it. How do they think of these things?

Bathroom Update...

 Well, we've made some more progress. Unfortunately, because of the poor weather on Friday, not much work got done. I'm excited to see what happens on Monday!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Our tile guy got called away today to help with another project. He did get started though!! No, we aren't painting things red...that is the sealant that goes on top of the cement board. I did choose fairly large subway tiles to lessen the amount of grout. They also made a special frame for the window so that it will be completely water tight. What can't be seen is that they also replaced the toilet once the floor tile is laid, the toilet will be able to be used again. Hooray...the basement bathroom is pretty cold in the winter 😰