Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving Along...

We have an appointment to meet with the employment specialists at Easter Seals crossroads next week.  I have also spoken with someone trying to set up the driver's training.  I like to see progress even if it is only a little!  I'm a hurry up and get there type person--blazing a trail--so this experience with the struggles and the slow pace have been good for me!  We are moving--not at the pace I would set, but we're moving!

The Easter Dress

 Ana's Easter dress turned out really well.  Although it took a long time to make--mostly because of details that I added--I think it was worth it.  The fabric was purchased in Singapore from a dress maker's shop.  It is a beautiful brushed cotton.  I've made this dress before--so I made it a little big so that she could wear it longer :)  Hooray for sewing!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dog After Running...

 You would think I had run a marathon...nope just around the park!  That's enough to wear her out!
Bassets: very fast for short distances then morph into a floor mat for the next hour or so.  Next time I'm bringing Matt.  I'll run her for a while and then take off by myself!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Although I don't feel particularly strong...I know God has been working on building me up.  Thanks God for getting me ready for the next thing.  (I think it is going to be teaching an upper elementary grade--something I haven't done before!)

I'm thankful today for:
-a new heating/cooling system put quickly, efficiently, and cheaply!
-I have a summer job :)
-I have a fall job :)
-Matt has been referred for driver's training and employment assistance--both have moved along quickly!
-We have therapists that are working hard to get Matt more sessions--keep praying for the insurance to grant more OT and Speech therapy.
-I had a really fantastic time singing with the worship team on Sunday.  We are starting to be able to be more involved!
-China made his school soccer team (they play about 4 games!)  It has helped with his behavior and attitude!
-No snow in the forecast!  Believe it or not we had a ground covering on Monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Directing God

When we decided to come back to the States to work through Mitike's issues, we gave up all our plans.  We had planned to stay overseas for the rest of our working years.  We had planned to raise our kids in an international environment.  We had planned to keep on working with international students.  We had planned to travel.  

What I'm realizing now is that while all our plans were good, they weren't necessarily God's plans!  It has been interesting to be in a "planless" state for the past few months.  This opens you up more to hear and see what God wants for you.  

Matt has qualified for the state/federal assistance in getting him back to work.  Within the next couple weeks he will probably begin his driver's training/testing.  He's very excited to drive again!!  You can pray along with us that he finds where God is wanting him to work.

I am hoping to take an elementary job at Shepherd (full time).  As Matt has continued to progress we are starting to be able to participate in church more often, BUT we are open and seeking God's plans!

Thanks for praying with us! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


No news on the insurance front.  I did pass along the number to the therapists--who had NEVER done a grievance/appeal!  Please keep praying.

We were blessed to have a neighbor that will replace our furnace and air conditioner AT COST.  We have been so humbled by the many good acts of people around us.

The place where I'm working has cut my class for next year.  I have applied for one of the open elementary jobs, but really would appreciate prayer for direction!

Today during "popcorn prayer" with our two four year old classes, the little, mischievous boy sitting next to me (with all sincerity) said, "Thank you for Mrs. Eiler!  It was ENCOURAGING to hear one of my most challenging kids say thanks (for all those sweat and tears!)  I am a very small part of Shepherd, but today the "little" thing of teaching has been shown to me to be enough.  Making a difference for a few is still a difference!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

I'm sure teachers all over the world get flowers for teacher appreciation day.  What makes these dear to my heart is the fact that this family doesn't always have money to buy gas BUT they did buy me some lovely roses.  Sacrificial gifts are the most meaningful!