Sunday, August 31, 2008

Analia Is Feeding Herself

Analia has taken small steps to feeding herself! She can dip the spoon in the cereal and get into her mouth without dropping anything!! She usually gets tired of doing it--it's too slow, and gives the spoon back to me to finish.

Now we just have to get her feeding times to match our dinner times and we'll be all set!!

The Dodge Ball Tournament

Last Friday ICS held its third annual dodge ball tournament. Matt had a team called the princi--pals. They won the tournament undefeated. It was a great way to get kids of all nationalities to come and play together. Analia and I stayed after volunteering. We had hot dogs for dinner (sold by the Seniors). Analia, as usual, was held by everyone. She really doesn't mind if I'm not nearby. There were students I didn't even know that had fun playing with her!! She also got to hold a dodge ball for a while. She really liked it because it was neon orange AND squishy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Analia is a lot more eager to walk now. It could be because she sees the boy do it at church! Anyway we're glad she's shown some interest!

11 Month Pictures

A little late, but better late than never. I think I'll have Matt help me next time--she'd rather throw the poor doll than hold it!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time With the Grandpas

Analia loves men--so naturally she took to both of her grandpas. She loved for them to pick her up and play with her. She watched sports with Grandpa Fred and did everything from laundry to play on the floor with Grandpa Marc. A good time had by all!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Red Ghost

I picked this throw up in the freebie pile at school one day thinking that it would match a comforter I had--BUT Analia had other plans for it. She loves to chew on the strings on the end. It is great fun to drag it all over the house and most of all it is great to hide under--if she can't see you then you have no idea where she is!! So, just in time for the hungry ghost festival we have our own RED GHOST!

Thank You Everybody for the Chair

Matt went to a sale on Saturday and finally found his chair--thanks to everyone who contributed towards this. I know he's quite happy with it and proud of himself for finding it on sale!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time With the Cousins!!

Analia sure had a great time with Lexington and Kensington. They kept her really busy-reading, playing, and carrying her all over the place. I'm glad that the schedule worked out that they could spend quite a bit of time with Analia. We even got to go to a couple of Kensington's ball games which was fun--I don't think Analia saw the games. We're looking forward to them coming to Singapore in March!! Sorry more pictures with Kensington turned out Lexington :)

Time with the Eilers (Great-Grandparents)

We got to have a couple of lunches and a short time at the Eiler's house this summer. They were always very excited to see Analia and eager to hold her--even though she was very wiggly!! We're thankful for the good food and fellowship with Matt's grandparents. It is especially meaningful as we won't see them again for a year and a half. We're grateful for the support they've given to us and our ministry.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time With The Traylors (Great Grandparents)

Analia got to spend one of her first weekends in the States at the Traylor's house. She had lots of fun getting in on the action. She loved looking at all the animals-cows, goats, dogs, chickens, guineas, and horses (and even a turkey)! She had lots of fun with Grandpa Traylor--he let her tear up newspapers, drink coke, and do other things she wasn't supposed to do. Grandma Traylor enjoyed spending time with her first great grandchild. I'm sure glad we were just in time to celebrate grandma's birthday and to get to spend time with them before the summer got really hectic! They have faithfully supported us as long as we have lived in Singapore. We are thankful for them and their constant generosity.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Summer Activities-Part 2

One thing Analia loves is MEN! She loved to have uncle Jeremy play with her--especially since he would get down on the floor with her--sometimes even chase her!! Analia also got to try a couple of new foods--one was frog spit (AKA lime sherbert). She loved it--every time she saw someone eating one she was at their side trying to get a bite! Another new experience was the tunnel. We noticed that she liked to crawl under tables and chairs. So the grandparents bought her this tunnel set. It was easy to set up and very light. That was nice because we were able to bring it back to Singapore.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Recent Activities

Although we've been at school a lot lately, we've also had some fun times at home. Analia had her first introduction to chocolate pudding. She really liked it, but kept licking her lips which spread the pudding all over her mouth--pretty funny! She also has taken to carrying her horse in her mouth rather than dragging it on the floor--much better option in my opinion. The other night she started to pound on the drum. She doesn't just tap it she beats it--quite loudly. She has lots of fun with it and it seems to help her with some coordination as the mallet has to hit the drum! Recently she crawled under her walker and thought that was great fun. She doesn't like to sit in it any more. She really has no interest in walking--crawling is faster and more fun!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Summer Activities-part 1

Summer was a lot of fun for Analia--she got to try a lot of new activities. One was playing in the water. She really liked to splash around--she even eventually got brave enough to put her face in the water. Another thing she liked to do was play on the table that my sister-n-law Karla let her borrow. She stood there for up to 30 minutes at a time playing with the toys on top or knocking off blocks that people had stacked there. I, of course, loved it because she was more independent. She also started learning how to push herself on the little walker/car my mom had bought for her. All these new things really kept her interested. I'm really thankful that she got to do some things that she won't be able to do in Singapore!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Time with Great Grandma Allen

Ana had a great time with Great Grandma Allen. She crawled all over her house and played with all the stuff down ant her level. This was the first time Ana had been on grass--she really liked to pull individual blades out of the ground. We're so glad that we got to spend some time with Grandma before the flood--after the flood Ana couldn't go to her house until right before we left. I'm really glad that Ana got to spend time with great grandma--she's been very special to me and I hope will be so for Ana too!