Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tomorrow the Governor Is Coming!

A couple weeks ago members of the Reds baseball team stopped by to hype up the kids. Last week forty of fifty members of the House of Representatives came by to read to children. Tomorrow the Governor is visiting Shepherd.  It's a big deal right now to push the early childhood programs around the state.  So, he is visiting our three early childhood classrooms and holding a press conference in our classroom!  Life is never dull around here!

Matt got a new brace for his arm (to prevent it from tightening up).  He just passed his three syllable word test (speaking), and is quite a fast walker now!  We're thankful for continued progress and for your continued prayers!  We're praying for a full recovery.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

You Never Know...

when your story will inspire someone else.  Our pastor was visiting someone in Arizona and was able to use Matt's story to encourage a person there.  (The man was COMPLETELY healed of cancer--the doctors could find nothing in the scans.)  Even after healing/surgery there is still a lot of work to be done though.  We're glad that someone thousands of miles away can be encouraged to press on!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Did You Know...

-Indianapolis is the 13th largest city (land wise) in the States?
-Indianapolis is the 16th largest economy in the States?
-this is the 4th snowiest history (for Indy) in recorded history?--I'm sure there is more to come too!
-teaching on holidays is the worst--teaching 4 yr. olds on holidays (if possible) is inconceivable--holidays should be holidays!
-I'm a year older--but not yet part of the 40's club!

Just for fun:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Checking In

We've been pretty busy around here.  I started teaching the 4 yr. old class today.  Although it went well, teaching takes a lot out of me--the introverted one!  Matt is continuing to progress.  He still has trouble getting the words out at times, but it doesn't take him nearly as long to process what he wants to say.  We've been doing vocab. homework which I think is helping too.  I managed to squeeze out some "me" time and made my first t-shirt (using my mom's awesome sewing machine and serger).  I've also painted the bathroom closet, and continued to scrape pink paint off the beautiful woodwork--it will be a while longer on that front!!

We're thankful today for:
Shepherd and their flexibility with my hours :)
Help and encouragement from so many sources
Having all our needs met!

You can pray:
that Matt keeps pressing on--even in boring, routine tasks that he has to relearn
that God is my Strength and I'm wise about how much I can do
China's attitude
AND that God would change Mitike's heart


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update on Matt

Matt continues to do well.  He walks around the house and Shepherd without a cane.  His speech therapist has him practicing three syllable words.  He still has that dry sense of humor.  His therapy sessions are twice a week.  We're so thankful that they worked around my kid pick-up schedule and that it is only about 15 minutes from our house.
So, we'll keep on keeping on--one day at a time!

Volunteers and Ana

Volunteers play a huge part at Shepherd.  A group came from Northwestern Nazarene University in Ohio.  They did misc. things around Shepherd and helped out in the classrooms.  Ana attached quickly to Vinnie as she noticed she was from India.  They hit it off right away--mostly because I think Ana understands Vinnie's perspective and could talk to her about travel and India.
I loved to see that the international side of Ana is still alive and well!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

To All Our Friends in Asia...

Happy Chinese New Year--we are so missing all the yummy foods, fireworks, and time with friends and family.  ENJOY your holidays!

The Little Things

Matt has been working at Shepherd.  He has done things like coloring, gluing, entering data, gluing envelopes, stamping, and other activities.  I'm well aware that he is mentally alert and this must be drudgery at times (excepting that there is all you can drink, free coffee).
His willingness is challenging to me--do I do everyday, hum drum activities well and with enthusiasm?  Sometimes God places us in humble places so that we can relearn the importance of the little.  So, if you're facing another day of housework or daily work tasks, GIVE THANKS that you can be found faithful in the little.