Sunday, June 29, 2014


We watched this movie last night.  Although it was all in Japan--a place we never lived--, it was still Asia.  It made me realize how much I still miss being overseas.  I'm thankful everyday that God has placed me where I can interact with those from Central America, but I miss Asia.  We're hoping that soon when Shepherd starts its ministry to foreign college students that we can play a small part in it.

The movie itself (in the flashy Hollywood manner) was thought provoking.  If you like more serious, historical films, I would recommend this one!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Update and My Apologies!

Because of my full time job and taking two online classes I have no free time.  We purposely stayed home today to get some things done--before next week's big holiday weekend.  I will do my best to keep this updated better.

-Matt is cleared to continue his driver's training.  He is taking three hours of it this week. We're so thankful that they come to the house.
-Summer Excel at Shepherd is going well.  It doesn't require a lot of prep. just a lot of energy!
-We were able to get Mitike assessed by a Psychologist.  She spent about 3 and 1/2 hours with her. We will go back for results this Wednesday.
-Shepherd had a very nice digital piano in their warehouse that we were able to purchase from them.  I finally have a piano again!

Prayer Request:
-Please pray that I can persevere through six more weeks of classes.  I am learning a lot.  It is just a lot of added work.  (These are to renew my teacher's license.)
-Please pray for my upcoming year at Shepherd.  I will have very little time to prep for the school year.
-Wisdom in selecting a school for Mitike.

The Wall of Doom-that Ana Conquered!

 On Friday the Shepherd Kids got to go to Camp Indy.  We had Bible, walked through the forest, and did a ropes course.  They also got to climb a rock wall.  As we approached it I said to myself, "None of our kids are going to be able to do this!  It is too hard."  They have a forty foot wall.  The staff was very professional and safety was very important to them.
 Ana was the first one to climb and she zoomed up the wall (in less than three minutes) with very little coaching from the staff.

 As she got higher she really had to stretch her little body for the next hold.

 Almost there as mom watches in awe.  To her advantage she is very light weight!

It is hard to see, but the reward for reaching the top is a zip line that goes down into the woods.  Of course, she loved it!  Five of our class one students made it to the top.  Just goes to show that sometimes we adults underestimate the little people!
Last Saturday we went to a huge garage sale at Woodruff Place.  This is a beautiful, historic neighborhood.   I would have liked to spend much more time here without kids :)
We then hurried over to the Children's Museum.  They had just put up the Great Wall of China slide.  Since it was members only for an hour, they got to ride three times before there was much of a line.
We took another look at the Chinese exhibit.  They loved cooking in the Chinese restaurant without all the other kids around. We also visited some of the other exhibits that we had missed last time.
After the museum we headed out to the White River State Park for Indy's Asian Festival.  Ana especially enjoyed calligraphy with an auntie.  China liked the karate demonstration.  We watched a bhangra dance, some Chinese dances and a dragon.  We also enjoyed some yummy Indian curry.

We're so happy that we can participate in so many fun activities close to our house!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Throughout these last couple of years and their challenges, I've been reminded time and time again how important one's attitude can be.  It's easy to be angry, hurt, or wallowing in self-pity.  It's simple to focus on yourself.  Someone once asked me, "How are you getting through all this?"  (Not perfectly--that's for sure!) My answer was, "One step at a time."  If you keep walking with a smile, looking for the positive, circumstances can be overcome.  Ask God for a smile and a good attitude--and you can pray for me too.  I've got a super busy summer with work and two online courses.  I genuinely prefer to be NOT busy.  So pray I keep a good attitude with my family, students, and co-workers!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Lot Has Happened!

Ana has graduated (from kindergarten!)  We are thankful for the Shepherd Academy and the teachers that kept her in line :)

Matt continues to do well.  We have been getting out more and he is doing a lot of walking--he's getting faster!

Our niece, Lexington, graduated from high school.  We got to attend her party on Friday night.  Congrats!

We are getting a piano.  I have been longing for one--and there was one sitting right in Shepherd's warehouse all along.  Very excited to play again and hopefully help out at church.

I've started working full time--whew! I haven't worked an eight hour day in a long time...let alone with people ten to twenty years younger than me :)

Matt has his driver's evaluation tomorrow--would appreciate your prayers!

Here's a quote I love:

You find no difficulty in trusting the Lord with the management of the universe, and all the outward creation, and can your case be any more complex or difficult that these, that you need to be anxious or troubled about His Management of you?...Trust in the dark, trust in the light, trust at night and trust in the morning, and you will find that the faith which may begin by mighty effort, will end sooner or later by becoming the easy and natural habit of the soul.  Hannah Whitall Smith  "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Matt had one of his last occupational therapy sessions today until we switch over to the new insurance.  His therapist came out and said that he had 12 pounds of strength (squeezing) in his RIGHT HAND.  They had never even bothered to measure it before because there was so little movement.

He also got bifocals today :)  Now he can see!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Only Good News!

Matt is still doing well.  His EEG was also clear--so this points to the fact that this episode was not brain related :)  We continue to covet your prayers!  We are in the wringer right now due to a lot of factors, BUT we have HOPE that in the end (maybe a few years down the road!!) all will work itself out for good.  Be encouraged!