Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here is Analia playing in her room and knocking down my block tower. I build she knocks them down! Her room turned out to be pretty cute. We still want to paint and I will make her new curtains and hang up a few things. I hung some Veggie Tale posters on her wardrobe and the first thing in the morning she wants to do is look at them (forget me)! The shelf you see in the background we already had. The two cabinets on either side were in the kitchen--we thought the looked better in her room--by far!!

10 month photo

Here is her 10 month picture. It was hard to get this picture because she doesn't want to sit still anymore. She would also rather throw the cabbage patch kid than hold it!
This is the dress that Betsy bought her at Old Navy. It is nice for Singapore and she can crawl easily in it!