Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Chinese New Year Story

I've heard this story told many different ways. BUT, the other night we were at the mall and there happened to be a show--which Ana wanted to see. (I have to say that it is very enjoyable, entertaining, and WAY better than their Christmas show!) Being very SHY--she was the only kid that wanted to go up on stage and earned a sucker after saying that the upcoming festival was Chinese New Year (we were so relieved she answered correctly!!!)

So, in this version there is a source for water. The bunnies (This is the year of the rabbit) were all dancing happily until Nian turns off the water. Nian has the power of all the animals in the zodiac. Therefore, his face changes frequently. Ana loved that! So the eldest brother bunny decides to train and bulk up which he does. But he has a dream where he is told he cannot defeat Nian without help. Off he goes to find the green dragon and get his magic hammer. He manages to get it and runs off to find Nian. After an epic battle Nian is defeated and the water starts again. The god of fortune visits the bunny and gives him the title of Jade Rabbit and they live happily every after.
The show is on for three more days and the god of prosperity will hand out gold coins on the weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Day

Today I scrubbed the guest room floor and then mopped it, did a couple hours of school work with Ana, made a batch of cookies and wrapped them in twos for Matt's lunch, baked a cake (not for us!), organized pictures on the computer, straightened up Ana's room and bags, worked on the adoption book, got things ready to go to school tomorrow, made a recipe template on the computer (I'd like to put them all in a book with a picture), went to Mustafas and carried home heavy bags, swept the rug, did dishes, cleaned the kitchen counters, made dinner (zucchini fries--I'll tell you how much Matt hates them later), tried to get Ana to go to sleep, took down the wash, and COLLAPSED!

Makes me smile when I see all that I got done! Hope you had a productive day too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

China Town

Although many thought we were crazy, we headed to China town to check out the decorations and goodies. Even though it was already hopping--mostly with tourists who are used to things opening earlier. All the dried meats were out, along with jellys and other sweets. We enjoyed looking at some of the decorations. I'd like to go back at night, but it's always more crowded then. There were the usual amazingly long lines for the dried meats. Someone brought some into school the other day--so we got our fix there and won't be waiting for hours with everyone else!


Many women do participate, but usually only carry offerings.

Matt and Ana went out to the main road to watch the men and women walking from the temple. Next year we'll cross over to get better pictures! I had heard that they upped the age limit of who could participate and did not allow so many piercings, but truthfully I didn't notice a lot of difference from last year. All the men are supposed to be in a trance and claim that they feel no pain!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


-It is my firm belief that no one should have a chandelier unless they have a maid that likes to take down lots of glass disks, wash them, and put them back up. Besides the fact that I think it's ugly, it hangs really low, and dust collects on it, it doesn't put out a ton of light. Too bad it's not mine--I'd recycle it! I spent over two hours cleaning it this morning which doesn't help my hateful feelings toward it.
-Today is Thaipusam. From about 10 last night (and all through the night AND all day today) there has been constant drumming, singing, and instrumentals. Yikes. Ana woke up at 2:30 thinking it was morning. The temple always has music in the early morning. This is also the holiday where men poke themselves with the rods--sometimes even through the face. They also carry heavy loads from temple to temple in penance. I said last year we'd go stay in a hotel-
We didn't--wish we had!
-We haven't heard anything about a court date, but I know that there is a group ahead of us that they still haven't given a court date. Today was yet another holiday in Ethiopia--so I hope things get going after this! There is someone traveling this week that promised to get us lots of pictures of Mitike which will be nice since we have so few.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Smile at I Heart Faces

This is my favorite smiling picture. Head on over to iheartfaces to see more great smiles!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Matt had just over a week off and then the other two weeks he worked from 8-3. We didn't do much, but Matt did make a cute little doll bed--by hand. So, three saws, a miter box, and other misc. supplies later it got finished. We don't even know what kind of wood it was, but it was tough to saw through! I made the sheet, pillows, and quilt to go along with it. We had one nice morning at Fort Canning Park. I love it because it has some history, is very shaded, and is always a great spot for photos. I'll put them up on snapfish soon grandparents! There are some really good ones.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thanks Gwen for passing on this award!

The three places I would like to travel are:

1. The carved stone churches at Lalibela, Ethiopia. I watched a documentary on these and I find them fascinating. Ethiopia has a strong Christian heritage. Supposedly the ark of the covenant is somewhere in Ethiopia!
2. The Maldives are tiny islands with beautiful clear water everywhere. There is nowhere to go once you get to your resort. I think this would be the ultimate in relaxation.

3. I had the opportunity to see a lot of South/Central Americas ancient history. I would love to see some of Asia's! Ankor Wat is close and so I'm told amazing!