Friday, October 31, 2008

Ana and the Phone

Analia loves to talk on the phone. She usually says a few things and gives the receiver back to me--but not today. She talked to dad for so long I had time to run and get the camera. I think
we're in trouble in the coming years!

A Scrapbooking Day

My friend Lori invited Geetha and I over to scrapbook at her house. She took us over after she dropped her kids off at school. Her maid had made monkey bread with cream cheese icing for snack. We continued to try to get some work done even though there were three kids and a lot of stairs (the house is three stories). We stopped for a lunch of meatball sandwiches and pumpkin cake. After getting Analia to sleep I actually got two layouts almost finished! Anlia had lots of fun because there were stairs and lots of toys. She got into Lori's scrapbooking cabinet and unrolled a whole ball of fuzzy yarn--what a mess!! It was a nice day for Ana and me!


Matt had an attentive audience of one when he started hanging stacking circles on his ears and eyes! Analia loved to put them back on his ears. I was laughing because he looked sooooo silly!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


OK--It's supposed to be a holiday weekend. I pictured a relaxing few days watching a couple of DVDs and maybe doing some extra things around the house, BUT NO... we had the busiest weekend ever!!

Friday-Matt brings a babysitter home with him from school. I get ready and we go to the Mariott Cafe for a buffet dinner. Wow! Lobster, shrimp, sushi, sashimi, beautiful salads, Roast beef, plus many Asian Dishes--and bread and soup! Then of course we hit the dessert bar--fantastic stuff. Also there were fresh juices. I had pink Guava. Matt had coke! We waddled out and back home .This was a gift from one of the parents last year at Christmas--we're just now using it. It was a nice experience--but wouldn't pay that much for it (dinner was 57 dollars each). When we got home Analia was already asleep and we crashed also.

Saturday-We went for lunch at our friend's house and then stayed for cell group. We had briyani rice with mutton and chicken--YUMM! Cell group was so interesting because there is 2,7, 12, 13, 14, and 19 month olds all together. It's rather hard to carry on a conversation. Analia really started walking her--she was going all the way across the room. She also had fun pushing people around on a little car. They have two small couches. She liked sitting on themwith Joshua, but he wouldn't sit on the same couch as her--he would always get up and move. Following this we went over to the Wong's house for dinner. We had curry, char siew (braised pork), bread, tea, and truffles--so full. They drive us home and Michael mentioned going out for dinner the next day.

Sunday-Church--I am always in the cry room (nursery) with Analia. She had a good time playing with the boys her age. Then we went to the Cricket Club for Lunch. WOW! Fresh oysters, lamb, roast beef, salads, breads, and the desserts were to die for! (I'm going on a diet starting Wednesday :)) Analia was pretty good, but she does like everyone to notice her--she did screech a couple of times. It's such a nice place that it is a little bit embarassing, BUT their other two grandkids were there too--we weren't the only ones. They also have a children's room--where they can walk around and be a little bit noisier. I wish we had had our camera--it's such a neat old building. It's the oldest club in Singapore-built in the late 1800s. We've been there 3 times now and NO photos!
Then, Matt invited a friend of a friend over for dinner. So I went home, cleaned, and prepared a mexican dinner (which I wasn't even interested in eating)! I made enchiladeas, dip, and brownies and ice cream. He is here just for a semester studying business. He was a nice guy and thankful to get a home cooked meal--I think! He also played the piano quite

Monday- ICS had sponsored the Glenn Miller Band for a concert, but the concert was cancelled last minute--it would have been fun. It was supposed to be very dressy and have ballroom dancers and everything--Oh well. It was nice to stay home!
Tuesday- We went over to the Goode's house and had sandwiches, chips, caramel apples (I made the caramel), and s'mores. It was a yummy treat and our longest standing tradition (six years). I'd never been to their new apartment--it was nice to see it. It took us about an hour to get there (by bus) Thankfully, Analia slept on the way back. The other kids had totally wore her out--playing with her and carrying her around! Then we went to the grocery and had things delivered as well as going out to eat chicken rice. A good end to a much needed vacation! Only 3 1/2 weeks until we go to Hong Kong!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Analia Is Walking!

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Too Funny!

I was running to close the windows the other day when I saw this! A man washing his car and letting the rain rinse--that's one way to save a couple of bucks!

Our apartment part 2

The guest room is a nice size. We've set up a desk, etc. for Matt to work on his stuff. But there is no cable connection in that room--so no Internet access. Still a lot to hang up in here, but that's not really been a priority! Lastly we have the master bath--probably what I hate most about the apartment is not having an enclosed shower. We have a squeegee and scrape down the floor after we shower and it dries fairly quickly. The nice thing is that there is an electric water heater--you never run out of hot water like in the other apartment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Apartment part 1

Since our apartment is closer to being done, I thought I could put some pictures up! Our living room is really narrow and long. We had to create a couple of different seating areas to make it work. The TV is kept in the guest bedroom. We still want to hang a couple of mirrors over the couch--this will reflect the light off the windows and hopefully make it brighter. Analia's room just needs two things hung and curtains finished (they're in process). Our bedroom needs tons of help--no pictures! The kitchen is in pretty decent shape. I'm hoping to have Matt put a shelf in the cabinet near the sink to put my pots and pans in. This will help the other cabinets not be so crowded. One of the cabinets at the bottom is peeling pretty badly. I thought of putting the rubber base boards over the spot, but they don't sell those here. There is a bathroom off of the kitchen that will be redone--no picture!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

13 Months

Before we had to leave for church we had a few extra minutes--so, we took pictures! Analia is wearing another dress she's never worn--blue is a good color on her I think! I'll try to get some pictures uploaded to Snapfish today!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OH NO!!!

We definitely have a problem. Analia found the drawer that her shoes are in. I bought them at an expat sale for two or three dollars each. They're all too big except the light brown ones which she has no interest in wearing. She love the black shiny ones and wants to wear them around the house. Look at the little smile on her face as she plays with the other pair. Those have pink "jewels" on them. Last night I showed Matt her in her black shoes--and he's worried too. We just might have a fashionista on our hands! The other day she also picked out a shirt she wanted to wear--it was pink (not too surprising since half her wardrobe is pink!) I stuck the pig tails picture in so I wouldn't have to make another post--she's got hair--more than some two year olds at school!

Family Fun Day

A while ago the school had a family fun day. Most of the stuff Analia couldn't do, but next year will be fun. The seniors were taking pictures and printing to raise funds for their trip. Although we bought one, the girl also e-mailed us other pictures with Analia. The Indian guy's name is Raj. He works around the school and is very friendly. It's very common in India to take pictures with those you don't know too well--esp. if they're white! Notice that Analia is much happier with him--also not uncommon! Thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Weekend

Sorry I don't have any pictures to go with this post, but we had a busy weekend so I wanted to let you know what we did. On Saturday we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant with two couples and their kids. As it was fairly close we walked with me carrying Analia in the carrier--Little India streets are NOT stroller friendly! Analia was pretty good and had some of my onion dosai--an Indian pancake that is not sweet--she also wanted some tea, but didn't get any of that!
Next, we went over to some teacher's house so that Matt could do some home repairs for them. He fixed some closet doors and chairs that had come unglued. They are all doing the same master's course and have to write a paper together. Therefore, there was some discussion about that.
Finally we went to a 50th birthday party of one of our cell group members. It was all Singaporeans--so Analia got held and fed a lot. Of course it didn't start until about 7:00 so we had to leave long before the party was over! It was at a nice condo--Analia wanted to get in the pool.
On Sunday we went and swam at Michael and Puah Meng's then came back to our house and watched Bride and Prejudice--an Indian version of Pride and Prejudice.
We were glad when Monday came so we could relax :)

Thanks for All The Clothes

Just in case you're wondering--Yes, she really does wear all the clothes everyone bought her. It's been a huge blessing not to have to buy clothes here. They're either really ugly or really expensive! Here's one of Grandma Jan's favorites! So once again--thanks everybody!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day At Auntie Puah Meng's House

Puah Meng invited us over because her kids and grandkids were all away. She picked us up at around 8:00. We then went to a children's garden. That early in the morning it was not busy at all, but all ready warm with the sun shining! Then we went to her house to start playing. She has fun things like bikes, tables, cars and trains that move, and jewelry from her daughter. Ana got to have three new necklaces. One with a cat, another with a fish, and a third that looks like the Indian necklaces we got when I was little (although I think this one was from India). Uncle Micheal travels a lot and got the baseball key chain from Taiwan. Every time she goes over she likes to chew on it! She also when up and down the stairs about a thousand times. She was much better at it this time--not trying to go head first, but instead putting one leg down first and then the other. The only tricky part was getting her to go to sleep--she would rather play! Puah Meng went off to the spa for about three hours during which Ana slept and ate lunch. It was nice to have a change of scenery. When they go to China we will go over and water the plants and swim--as soon as I get a swimsuit! It's very common for the parents to watch the grandkids--she has at least one of the three every day of the week. Plus they still have a family dinner on Saturday nights. It keeps her very busy!

Slimed, Suckered, And Drawn All In One Day!

The other day I became very brave and made fingerpaint. I set Analia down and plopped some down on her high chair tray. Because it was green it really reminded me of pond slime, but she had great fun with it--spreading it across the tray, her chest and hair. I just took her into the bathroom and hosed her down! While I was cleaning the high chair tray she climbed into the high chair seat. She's climbing everything! Then we tried a sucker (or lolly as it's known here!) She wanted to bite it, but eventually got the hang of it! Then when I was at the computer she started drawing (if you can call it that) on a piece of graph paper. I moved her to her small table (really a coffee table) and she kept going. She kept me busy this day, but had a lot of fun!