Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Little Beach

We have a small rocky beach near us.  It's actually pretty interesting just to go and look at the rocks.  There are always people down there catching crabs as well!
On one of Ana's days off she wanted to go "swim."  She had lots of fun playing as the waves are very small and there are lots of things to "collect" like shells, rocks, and seaweed.
I know I put this in the newsletter, but it is just too funny not to post again.  The Chinese people like there kids to play with Ana so they will speak English.  She is never short of a person to converse with!  At least she didn't get sunburned :) 


 This is our slice of the ocean.  This picture is actually showing an algae bloom and the boats out trying to clean it up.  The water in the bay is usually very calm more like a lake than ocean!  We see every kind of boat from tiny sailboats, to amazing yachts, container ships, to fishing boats.  The city has maintained the harbor and the boardwalk very well since the olympics.  It's a very busy place. 
 My favorite sign posted on the boardwalk.  But seriously during the typhoons there were some huge waves that carried away pieces of the boardwalk  We could see people out there watching.
This is the back of our apartment building.  We're on the fifth floor and have an enclosed porch which is great for drying clothes!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Here is a view from the top of a nearby hill.
I think we are FINALLY going to be able to post again!  Hope to have some pictures up soon.  Today, however, we are going to the beach in a neighboring city with other adoptive families.  It's a little too chilly for my taste, but the kids can still play in the sand!  VAL