Monday, March 28, 2011

Only Ana

Ana has a little play time with dad after dinner before bed. One of her favorite activities is to get two of his belts, buckle them around his legs, and use them for stirrups. Of course, no cow girl is complete without hats and boots! Then she takes off. Tonight they were even doing jumps--I think she fell off every time. (She says she's ready to ride Ellie grandpa!) The constant stream of giggles is priceless.

One day last week we bought "The Black Stallion" movie on itunes. (I had recently read this book to her.) Now she thinks that people go around riding horses with no saddles and no hands (pictured above). Watch out! She's libel to try it in real life!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This photo was taken with my new lens. You can do some amazing things. Just need some more practice!!
I got to play around a lot with my camera at a park we visited. I'd like to edit this picture a little. I think it could be really stunning!
The lilies were gorgeous! There were so many that were just opened.
So much for a nice family picture! Here are my two very uncooperative subjects! Ana did get to feed birds (pigeons) and catfish as well as playing on the playground. With the walk and play time, it wore her out enough to take a two hour nap. Guess we should do this more often!

A Day at Sentosa

At the candy shop on Sentosa--it was a minor miracle to get all three looking at the camera!

We met our friends at Sentosa and headed to the beach. Although the dads stayed down by the water, the kids took very little watching. The dug, splashed, found two empty bottles and filled them with "dead snakes", and ate cookies. After getting cleaned up we headed back to Chilli's and enjoyed a nice lunch. I love it when my child is entertained and I can hold a decent adult conversation.

I'm SOOO Behind!

Sweaty and Sandy--not a pleasant mix for a long bus ride home!
It was a beautiful park. I love all the green!

Matt has been on spring break this week. We've done a lot of different things which I hope to get posted shortly. We've been doing lots of things with my visiting friend and her children. The eldest is only about 8 months older than Ana and although both are strong willed, they get along really well. Here they all enjoyed digging in the sand, playing on the playground (which is NOT safe for younger children), and running around yelling. If we could only keep them here longer Ana would definitely be getting rid of a lot more of her energy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Debate

Tonight all throughout our dinner we had 4 or 5 kids standing outside our window heatedly debating whether we were eating lunch or dinner. (It was 5:30 at night) "Cannot be, lah!" (No one could eat dinner this early!!!) This is HDB life at it's best. The newer flats aren't as open as the older ones allowing more privacy--so we wouldn't confuse any children as to what meal we're eating. But our older flat is much like living in a fishbowl! Maybe next time we'll tell them we're having tea (time).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old Friend

splashing! This lens can take amazing shots!!

Feeding the swans, catfish, and turtles!

We met up with an old friend (in town to visit with family and take a break). Ana had a blast with her new friend. They had a great time running around together and he was just what she needed. He doesn't let her have an inch. (Ana wasn't sharing the fountain and he pushed her over backwards. Instead of being panicked I thought, "Finally!! Someone she can't push around!") If only they didn't live so far away! We ended up walking the whole length of the park. Because it was pretty hot, we let them splash in the water play area. They had a great time, and the first thing our of Ana's mouth this morning was, "Are we going to meet them today?"

WOW-Good News!

Our case was filed at court on Friday (at last)! Now, for you people that like a timeline, here's what we know. It is currently taking 3-4 weeks to get a court date AND then the court date is usually at least a month after that. (Also note that we will probably not pass, because the MOWA is not issuing the letters, BUT at least we get to go meet them!) Please note!!! With all the changes going on right now, it could take even longer. BUT, this is the first happy news we've had in a while--I'm smiling!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've had a lot of time to think about why we are stuck in this adoption process.
One theory I've kicked around is the fact that it has kept us here in Singapore--we've been really interested in leaving for a while now, but haven't wanted to redo all the paperwork in another country. I see the stability that Matt gives to the school (esp. now in the midst of yet another quick administration change)and have to say it's a GREAT thing that he's here.

Another reason may be that we needed to be brought to the end of ourselves and fully rely on God (and HIS will). We truly can do nothing about this situation and are at His mercy.

Perhaps this is all in preparation for where we will go next. Maybe it will be a place that requires great patience.

Or maybe, we needed to see how far our commitment could be stretched. I was just thinking today that we are a lot like Horton the Elephant (Dr. Seuss) who refused to give up on the people on the speck (a person's a person no matter how small). Horton protected, searched for, and took to safety the community living on the speck (in spite of being hounded by a vulture and other jungle animals). I'm a lot like Horton. I wouldn't want someone to give up on me and I plan to keep going in this adoption ordeal no matter how long it takes. There are older boys that have been in the orphanage for years-I don't think that is God's plan for China!

Whatever the case, I rest secure that there is a reason and purpose behind it and someday I will understand. For now I remain, yours truly, a person trying to be content in every circumstance (and rarely succeeding!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Low Can You Go?

Just when you think things can't get any worse... the Ethiopian courts asked for yet another piece of new paperwork AND the Ministry of Women's Affairs has started only processing 5 cases a day. (They usually do 40-50). While we are glad they are trying to stop the few cases of child trafficking or fraud, we do think it very unfair to the waiting children. Not only will they have to wait an excessively long time, but the orphanages will become very crowded very soon. We're praying that they can work out a compromise.

We're extremely glad that we have been able to adopt two at once, because we will NOT do this again!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes I Wish...

-Sometimes I wish that you were a little less determined, BUT then I remember how my own determination has helped me stick in hard places, and remain faithful to my commitments when I'd rather bail. Your determination can serve you well.
-Sometimes I wish that you would sit quietly all day and entertain yourself, BUT then I would miss your happy dances, the stories you tell me, your smiles and excitement.
-Sometimes I wish you weren't so independent, BUT lets face it MK's have to be. Their parents often have a lot of responsibility and I know I will appreciate all you can do in the future.
-Sometimes I wish you weren't so extroverted, BUT then people would miss out on all your smiles and friendly conversation.
-Sometimes I wish you were less of a leader, BUT I think God has BIG plans for you and this is part of it.
So, even though you don't fit the expected child profile (esp. here in Asia!!!), I wouldn't change who you are for all the money in the world. We hope we can train you up to use these traits as strengths and use them in service to the people of the world.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Info!

Our friend, Michelle, traveled to Ethiopia to meet her son to be and to try to push along the paperwork. She met with people from our agency and the director/social worker from the Ethiopian orphanage. There are three boys from the same Southern region who have not received their paperwork. According to the Ethiopian orphanage, they have a man down there collecting the necessary documents. He has been there a couple of weeks already. (Because it's so far from the capital, he will stay until all the documents are collected). Our agency says that if the documents have not arrived soon (like this next week) they will send one of their own social workers. It is frustrating that it took someone going there to get things moving, BUT I was very encouraged after talking with her. So, we hope to have some news soon!

We have also decided that if we haven't been submitted to court by the time we return from India, we will also travel to Ethiopia before our court appointment. You can do all your paperwork then and don't have to appear at court.

Finally, I was so happy to hear that they're doing well, the school that they are in is wonderful (they even have a computer lab!), they actually have a lot of English, and that China is the sweetest boy ever! Mitike was also described as sweet, but spunky! (I see some future sister clashes there!)

We're in the home stretch! Keep praying with us!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Child

My child doesn't mind that people stare, laugh, and/or talk about her. She does what she likes and feels no pressure to change. Hope she keeps this trait throughout her life! (I'm sure the people were also discussing what kind of parents let their child stick stickers all over her face! But, they didn't know she was up at 5 in the morning and didn't take a nap. As long as she was sitting quietly on our long trek home, we're happy!)

AND thanks to the high schoolers in our India group for "inspiring" this "fashion statement"!