Friday, June 18, 2010

Fix-It Friday #59

Here's my fix--although I really liked the orginal! Head on over to to see other changes!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Quick Summary

We've been...
to the zoo. It's about impossible to get a good picture of BOTH of these guys. They're sitting on the Ben and Jerry's cow and YES we did have some ice cream!
getting up close and personal with the lemurs! It was quite the show. They were jumping all over the place! We also watched an animal show. It was quite new, but Ana loved the dog that jumped rope and this German Shepherd that caught frisbees.
partying. We got to attend the birthday party of a classmate at church. It was a lot of fun!!
splashing and swimming! Although it's been pretty rainy, we've tried to squeeze in some water fun. Speaking of rain. It rained so much yesterday that Orchard, the main shopping road, flooded. It poured almost all day. I'll try to upload a video tomorrow! This is all very strange as June is usually one of the driest, hottest months of the year!


Contrary to popular belief, I am getting a lot accomplished even though I have Ana by myself. I finished a white dress made from a recycled linen dress shirt. I love how it turned out even though the linen does wrinkle AND I had to line it because it was too transparent. I also tried this t-shirt dress tutorial from MADE. It was quite easy and should be very comfortable. It's still a little big for Ana, but she should grow into it shortly!

Ana has been carrying around and playing with cloth diapers since she was itty bitty. I decided it was time for something a little different. I used the cloth diaper as the backing for this quilt. At first she hated it and would get her stool to sneak down one of her true blankies. But, it's growing on her. She told me thank you for putting a flower on it the other day. Unfortunately, she left it at school and we won't be going back until Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adoption Update

We have been told that the Ethiopian committee that was to approve our agency's license has met, but has not yet given their final word. Would you pray with us that this would happen in a timely manner? Thanks!!


Ana is an active child--so I'm looking for ways to get lots of energy out. We've been practicing somersaults, jumping and landing with your feet together, walking foot over foot on a line, walking on her hands (with mommy bearing most of the weight), and some very basic stretching. I've had to put the mat up on the bunk bed or she'd be doing somersaults ALL DAY. She loves it. I've looked for some classes her, but most of them are far away and NOT cheap :). Maybe they'll offer one at school and she can join in!

Day 2 and 3 of "No Daddy"

Day 2 was decidedly rainy. So, we ended up staying in for most of the day and then going to the mall in the evening. We had Subway for dinner. While standing in line my daughter bumped her head on the counter and started wailing. It got us an extra cookie!! We also rearranged the living room. The couch was getting too little use and the table stuck out too far into the walkway. Plus, my husband wasn't here to say no or roll his eyes at me! I like how it feels more open, but will probably change a couple more things. Of course, some things I can't move by myself anyway!

On Day 3 I decided to take Ana over to a small park by KK womens hospital. I like the lily pond, the old trees, and the peaceful nature. Well, it's usually peaceful--until a herd of kindergarten students shows up and runs around the park four times. It ended up being OK because Ana likes to people watch anyway! The park is pretty far from our house, so thankfully Ana rode in the stroller most of the way. It turned out to be quite warm (even though it clouded up and poured after we got home!)
One of the very big rain trees. The provide lots of shade!

The lily pond! I would love to see it when it is in full bloom!

There is lots of green! I love looking up through the rain trees. It looks like green lace!

We saw lots of pigeons and a lizard that just sat and looked at us instead of running away. There is also a small playground which Ana explored! It turned out to be a nice morning out!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Ana's favorite place to play is our school playground. Playtime wouldn't be complete without some swinging! Head on over to to see more playful entries!


As we were going to the very nice graduation party we thought we'd look for a card. One store here carries Hallmark. After looking at several we found one we liked and checked the price. On the back it was clearly marked 2.99 US. When we looked at the price chart it was selling for 20 Singapore dollars. I know that stores have to pay their costs, but that is a 15 Singapore dollar mark up. Good Grief!! By the way, I ended up making the card :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation Party

Last night we had a chance to go to a lovely graduation party at the American Club. The decorations were beautiful, the food was divine, but the best part was the short program. The graduate's Sunday School teacher, sister, and parent's spoke in a very moving way. I hope my children are close enough to speak such words when they are older. Even though we may not be able to do a dinner in such a grand style, we could publicly speak words of affirmation into our child's life. What a great way to start a new chapter in one's life!

Ana was also invited, had her own bowl of specially prepared pasta (we had steak and salmon), and got to stay up until 10. She had a GREAT time!

Adoption Update

We haven't had a lot to say about this for a while because...well... the info. we were getting was really discouraging. (still is!) There is another agency ready to take our case, BUT with Matt in China and lots of paperwork and classes (yes, adoption CLASSES) to take, we won't be able to do everything fast enough. We have now been told that the courts will close for TWO MONTHS starting August 7th.

SO, PLEASE PRAY that our current agency gets their license this week. We are supposed to hear something by Wednesday. THANKS!!

The Last Time!

Getting to be a little too short, don't you think? Of course, my girl
is so skinny it fits fine on the top!

New Dress

Here's one of the many dresses I've been making. This one was a birthday gift. I couldn't resist making a matching bag and hair clip--much to the mother's delight! :)


Someone is leaving for China in the morning!
Who could it be?
I think we have a stowaway!


Living and working in a place where the students on average stay less than 2 years and the staff less than three can be heart wrenching! Sometimes I want to be the person going--not the one left behind! July starts our 10th year here in Singapore. We're happy that students can return and see someone that taught them here--it provides continuity and stability, but we'll miss all the staff and students that have left! Thank goodness for our Singaporean friends!!


This group has been one filled with pranks and fun. They've filled up offices with balloons, stacked cups of water all over a teachers room, wound string around desks and chairs, wrapped an entire classroom in newspaper, t.p.ed a room, and videoed it all!!
This last time they did all their teacher's room as well as printing hundreds of pictures of Matt, chalking the parking lot, and creating lots of laughs come Monday morning!
Thanks for the memories class of 2010!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm behind again! We're in the midst of saying goodbyes and celebrating with those graduating! Ana has been really ill. She doesn't yet have her strength back--although she thinks she does! I'm trying to keep her as still as possible and attempting to get her to eat. Because her stomach hurt when she was sick she still doesn't want to eat. Oh well, such is life!!

Ana LOVED watching the climbing competition at our local mall. She was very sad when the walls came down!
Here's Ana with her new pillow. I'm trying to use up what I have in my cabinet! This really brightens up her very WHITE bed.

We took a trip to Arab Street so that I could get backing for some curtains I want to get sewed while Matt is gone. My favorite store was closed, but we stumbled into another good one. I got 9 and 1/2 yards of fabric for 37 Sing (roughly 26 US). There was some awfully cute Japanese fabric for children that I couldn't resist and a beautiful red and cream leaf print that I hope to sew into something for me!!

While we waited for the bus I shot a couple of pictures by this really textured wall! It really is the back of a Muslim cemetery, but I love how it looks!