Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If You Have a Moment...

please pray for my class.  There are going through some tough things this week.  One parent lost his job.  Once student had her home broken into and is really fearful right now.  Often during prayer time, they share that there is a lot of fighting at home.  Sometimes the kids have the weight of what is going on at home on their shoulders.  It is a heavy burden.  Pray that I can show them how to hand it over to Jesus.

A Few Pictures From Disney!

 My favorite!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Here's a tree over by Mitike's school.  It is a vibrant red.  With the unseasonably, cool weather the leaves are already changing.  Fall has suddenly appeared.  It suddenly we have been back in the States for over a year.  It's amazing how quickly time passes.  Don't waste a minute of it!

Our lovely, older neighbor died two nights ago.  He was a high school teacher and watched out for his neighbors.  He didn't have any family close by and my best memory was Ana and I taking over a piece of birthday cake for his 80th birthday.  Use today to bring a little joy into someone else's life.  The smallest effort can make the biggest difference.

The Best Birthday EVER....

 Seriously, it will be hard to top this one.  We started a week early with the Eilers at the Farm.
 We had a great time with yummy food and fun with the horses.  Ana shares Hannah with Grandma :)
She had fun trotting around and we had wonderful weather.
The cousins joined in the fun too!  

Currently Ana is in Disney World with the other Grandma for a week.  I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures to post of that!  

THANK YOU for all the cards and birthday wishes.  Ana felt very loved!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


We have had an unusually busy week this week.

I met with the social worker at Mitike's school.  They cannot work with her due to some insurance requirements.  That was very disappointing.  (I can't imagine taking her to two more appointments a week.) The same night I went to Ana's back to school night.  I was impressed at the thoroughness of The Oaks and how excellently everything was done.  It makes me happy.

We've had significant issues with China and Mitike this week.  (Even Ana has thrown some major fits. She has really picked up on some of their negative behaviors.)  We're getting worn down.  I would compare us to a stub of a pencil!

It seems like God keeps giving me positive events/relationships to counteract what is going on at home.  Please pray that we keep seeking God in every situation despite the circumstances.