Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Very Interesting Load of Wash

So, this morning I washed an extra load of clothes for my trip to Phuket tomorrow. When the cycle was done I opened the lid and noticed a gelatinous substance over a lot of the clothing. "Oh, the soap didn't get washed out," I thought. "I'll run another rinse cycle." When I opened it again the stuff was still there. "What did Matt leave in his pant's pocket," I muttered. But, as I dug through the shirts and socks, I saw a "present" from my daughter. Yes, that sweet, obedient, little girl had put a diaper in the laundry basket and I didn't catch it. Ever wonder how those diapers soak up all that stuff? It's a gelatinous substance that sticks to everything. Thank goodness for lint rollers!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glitter Girl

I'm getting a lot of postings done with Matt here! Analia loves my scrapbooking cart especially the glitter. On this day she snuck out got the lid off and dumped it all over herself and our white couch! This photo was AFTER we brushed her off. We had to give her a bath to get it off (

and then it was stuck in the bathtub!! Notice the guilty look!!


At about 11:30 Analia was woken up by some seriously loud horns and drums. We live right next to the temple where the Thaipusam walkers start. I think they also do the fire walking there! Any way it sounded like you were in Africa with all the screaming and music. This went on ALL NIGHT and continued throughout Sunday. Thaipusam is a chance for Hindus to offer to a specific god. They believe he will help them have success. To do this they can do something as simple as carry a basket of flowers to as extreme as carrying a kavadi. These kavadi are extremely heavy. They walk 3 Km here in Singapore from temple to temple. The kavadi also often involve body piercings. Sometimes what is holding it up is their skin! To bear this pain many of these men are in a trance. They are helped along by their families walking with them. Other offerings include being whipped, walking wearing shoes with nails, and putting a spear through your mouth/cheeks!

There really is an oppressive spiritual atmosphere here. Satan is really pleased with what these men are doing! Pray for us as we pray for them!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Computer Background

I do these every month. They're free on the internet and all I have to do is insert the picture. If you'd like me to e-mail it to you let me know. I also need to know whether you need the square of widescreen format.

More International Pictures (taken by others)

Some of the Administration Team
Zach, a high school teacher with Analia
My friend, Geetha and her daughters
Cute Pre-K students!

Friday, February 6, 2009

International Night

The Indian workers with Ana

This is always a fun evening. The kids have "passports" and go around to the different countries. There they sample food and get answers to questions to write in their passports. We have 26 countries represented in our school. Each does not have it's own table unless it is a large percentage of the school. Smaller countries are grouped together by location. The Asian parents put a lot of effort into their tables. The South Asian group's display looked like something you would see at a hotel. It even had a banana tree in the middle of the table! They also had a lot of their food catered. The Japanese table had some beautiful laquered boxes (probably really expensive).

There is also a cultural show. We didn't get to see it all becuase it went until 9:00--much too late for Ana.

Analia had a super time. Because she was wearing an Indian costume, the Indian workers couldn't get enough of her. The Indian table also offered to keep her as a mascot. She did do a little dancing to the music which greatly entertained a few people. She was so wore out that she fell asleep on the way home.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Analia is really silly sometimes. Matt was given this back massager that looks like a golf ball. What does she do with it? Sticks it in her mouth. Turn up the volume and listen!

Here's another one of Analia sitting in one of her toy baskets! A little tight!

One Out of Fifty

The other day (having nothing better to do) we had a little photo shoot. I took tons of pictures, but only this one turned. I have to keep playing with my camera!