Thursday, December 26, 2013


Today we had a family meeting with the social worker and one of the occupational therapists.  I think this quote sums up the meeting.  We can be thankful that Matt is healthy--it prevents stress on his shoulder joint, means he is on very little medication, and has more energy for his therapy.  Matt's speech is very clear.  Often stroke patients are very hard to understand.

Today I watched Matt go up and down four steps, walk 140 feet, complete sentences, state an item from a given category, and I was cleared to assist him into bed!  Plus he ate chicken pasta, two breadsticks, two pieces of pizza, and fudge.  Although he still rolls his eyes, I feel like he has a positive attitude.  I'm sure its very humbling to have to be helped in everything.  He's doing a great job of bearing with it!

Keep praying.  Your prayers are working.  


Grace Chua said...

Thanks for all the updates, Val! Truly encouraged by Matt's improvement!

May God give you the strength to live today, just today, to leave the fears and worries of tomorrow with Him. His plans are perfect. :)

- Grace Chua

val said...

Thanks Grace for your words of encouragement!! Say, "Hi" to everyone for us!